Why Bill Belichick will win 5 more Super Bowls.

Ok 5 may be a stretch, but hear me out. Bill Belichick is 64 years old at the time of me writing this post. The oldest coach recently coached until 72 and he was Marv Levy. So if coach can match Levy of the Buffalo Bills fame, he will coach another 7 more seasons, and that means 7 chances to reach the big game. We can assume Tom Brady will play until he is a grandfather, so it will be Bill and Brady for 7 years. So based on math, they will go to 3 more Super Bowls, and probably win 2, not including the Super Bowl LI, in which the Patriots take on the Falcons. And lets face it face it, if they win, it just means that they win the Super Bowl 1 out of every 3 seasons they play…..INSANE!

Am I dreaming, well if you look at facts not really. Here they are.

Coach Belichick and Brady joined forces in 2001 for their first season with Brady as the quarterback. There have been 15 seasons that they have played together, with Tom Brady as the starting quarterback for the majority of the season. This of course does not include the 2008 season which Tom Brady was injured in the first game. Ok back on topic, so 15 seasons together, this is what they have done numbers wise.

4/14 Super Bowl Wins (maybe 5/15, game is on Sunday!)………28% of the time they win the SB.

7/15 Super Bowl appearances………46% of the time they go to the super bowl.

14/15 playoff appearances………93% of the time they are in the playoffs. This isn’t necessary for my argument, but I just wanted to point it out.

So if they make it 7 more years….

3.25 Super Bowl appearances in 7 years, lets call that 3

2 Super Bowl wins in 7 years

Now some of you will say, what about Brady’s fall off, he won’t be as good at 42 as he will be at 35 or whatever, well I took in account that and lets say he ends his career as he starts, maybe he doesn’t make the playoffs one year. But I doubt it.

So in the end that would give Brady 7 SB wins, Give Belichick 9 SB wins as coach and head coach, And the Patriots with 12 SB appearances.

Lets look at something that all the haters are thinking…..13% of the time the NFL will say they cheated, so in the next 7 years there will be at least one more PatriotsGate.

Maybe CommuncationsGate, where the New England Patriots had an directional EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) pointed at visiting coaches and during visiting offense possessions. Coming to 2021.

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